It Takes TWO to TRI

OB JEN is excited to sponsor The Couples Triathlon this weekend!

Keep an eye out for Jen and her husband Trent out on the course.  You can also meet Jen’s friendly staff at the Couples Tri Packet Pickup from 10-1pm this Saturday 7/10 at Jack & Adam’s Bicycles.  They will be sporting their stylish Who’s Your OB JEN shirts!  As always, OB JEN will be available to answer any training or health related questions.  Don’t be shy!

Welcome to Couples Triathlon 2010!
The two person team triathlon event:
Using a format that is unique in the sport of triathlon, teams of two, whether they be friends, spouses, or family members combine their ages and sign up in the appropriate category. Each person on the team does the entire triathlon, and then their times are combined for the overall results. One may also participate as an individual.

Held just 15 minutes from downtown Austin, the event will use a sprint distance course that swims in Decker Lake, bikes around the lake, and uses a traffic free run course entirely inside the park. There is tons of space and we’ve secured parking nearby, so bring the family and friends. As usual with our events, we’ll finish off with a great outdoor party, awards, and prize giveaway.

The Couples Triathlon is brought to you by High Five Events and Jack & Adam’s Bicycles.

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