OB JEN "On Air" with Kathryn Bonner!

OB JEN is honored to be featured as a monthly radio guest on KLGO The Word 98.5/99.3 – Spirit Walking with Kathryn Bonner.  Each month, Dr. Jen Mushtaler covers topics with Kathryn Bonner that are essential to healthy and complete living. 

Featured in July, OB JEN engaged with Kathryn in a two-way dialogue about Postpartum Depression.  Listen to a replay here

In August’s show, OB Jen and Kathryn Bonner discussed hot flashes and the body temple.   Replay is coming soon!

Next Show: September 21st, 2:30-3pm
KLGO The Word 98.5/99.3
You can catch OB JEN on air with Kathryn Bonner again on September 21st from 2:30-3pm on KLGO The Word 98.5/99.3.  Tune in!

About the Show:
Spirit Walking with Kathryn Bonner is a refreshing approach that is truly needed because of the stressed out busyness that seems to be a part of today’s hectic culture. Kathryn has a show that will blow fresh winds of renewal into the hearts of those listening. Her show is all about women, for women! For you guys out there, come check it out too, as you will surely learn something of interest about us, if not; you will certainly get a great laugh!

Kathryn covers all sorts of things such as women’s health, wellness, marriage, movies, ministries, your body temple, Biblical teachings, struggles, raising children, dating, miracles, passion, purpose, how God speaks, creativity, dreams, mission work, finances, freedom in Christ and so much more! Kathryn will also interview experts, authors, speakers, Christian life coaches, doctors, and ordinary women making an extraordinary difference in the world!

Kathryn is an author, a speaker and a Life Purpose Coach. She knows the power of breaking through the fears and stepping fully into your faith by the gift of coaching.