My Unique Midwifery Care

The following is a guest blog by our new CNM, Danielle Duquette.

Becoming a midwife has been my dream for a long time. When I finally accomplished that dream, I had to decide where I wanted to practice and what that practice would look like. Because of my own personal delivery experiences, I knew that here in Austin, we have wonderful options for patients who desire home birth and birthing center births, but the ability to have a midwife in the hospital was lacking. I am changing this.

I knew that Dr. Mushtaler and Dr. Browne’s practice (Capital Ob/Gyn Associates of Texas) was the small intimate practice I desired, that would allow my patients the comfort and compassion of a midwife, as well as having the physicians in the practice here to support me collaboratively in the care of higher risk patients. With the hearts and support behind me from Dr. Mushtaler and Dr. Browne, I knew I could give many women the options they desired.

The unique role I will have as a midwife at Capital Ob/Gyn allows me to see my patients all the way through their pregnancy and delivery, as well as to see patients for their well-woman and gynecological visits. Patients will have the opportunity to meet each of the physicians during the course of their prenatal care. The physician collaboration portion of my care allows patients to remain with me for prenatal care and deliveries even if patients “risk out” of traditional midwifery care or require cesarean section for safe delivery.

For some patients, this unique aspect of our practice is an important financial consideration. Many midwives have a separate fee for their care. However, in our practice model, our patients will be only be responsible for one set of fees for their pregnancy. This is not the case for patients who plan a birth outside of the hospital but need to change to a hospital birth because of additional risk factors. Some patients may not know this, but I am also a surgical first assistant for Dr’s Mushtaler and Browne, so if one of my patients were to need a cesarean section, I will be at their bedside through the whole process to help my patients and my physicians.


To learn more about Nurse Danielle Duquette, visit here.