Fundraising with Team LIVESTRONG

OB JEN is proud to announce that she will be participating in the 2011 LIVESTRONG Austin Marathon and Half Marathon!  Not only will Dr. Mushtaler be running the half marathon on February 20, 2011, but she is also generously participating with Team LIVESTRONG to raise $500 for the LIVESTRONG Foundation and cancer awareness.

By fundraising just $500 for Team LIVESTRONG, OB JEN has joined a group of committed individuals dedicated to inspiring and empowering people affected by cancer.  Participation on Team LIVESTRONG for the LIVESTRONG Austin Marathon or Half Marathon includes:

  • Paid Marathon or Half Marathon Race Entry
  • LIVESTRONG Racing Gear (Nike Tech Shirt and Cap)
  • Personal Fundraising Website
  • Fundraising Support Resources & Materials   
  • Commitment to Fundraise $500 for Team LIVESTRONG

Rather than running alone, OB JEN has chosen to fundraise and run with one of the many teams in the Austin community — Team Upbeat!  You can join OB JEN and the Team Upbeat Runners by signing up here:

You can also run as an individual or create your own team by clicking here.  ALL you need to do is sign up for Team LIVESTRONG — they will take care of the rest! 

If you would like to donate directly to OB JEN, please click on Dr. Mushtaler’s personal fundriasing page.

In addition to the LIVESTRONG Austin Marathon and Half Marathon, Team LIVESTRONG will participate in 17 major athletic events around the world, host four events in the United States and once again serve as a proud charity partner in the World Marathon Majors.  With Team LIVESTRONG you can walk, run, ride or tri in the fight against cancer.  Learn More at  

LIVESTRONG provides support to guide people through the cancer experience, bring them together to fight cancer—and work for a world in which our fight is no longer necessary.  They have been fighting since 1997 to improve the cancer experience and make cancer a priority.

As a runner and triathlete herself, Dr. Jen Mushtaler has a special passion for working with female atheletes — helping them stay healthy and reach their fitness goals!

For more information, contact 512-83-OBJEN.  To schedule an appointment with Capital Ob/Gyn Associates of Texas or learn more about OB JEN’s practice, visit

Welcome, Come On In!

Welcome to Capital Ob/Gyn Associates of Texas!

Our first month of operations has been a blast!  OB JEN has created a welcoming and nurturing environment for patients at her new practice, allowing patients to feel at ease and comfortable throughout their entire appointment process.  We are so pleased with the new office layout and the friendly staff welcomes patients with open arms.  

You might recognize our new Capital Ob/Gyn Associates of Texas logo on our new scrubs at the office — we are loving the bright colors and professional appearance of the new logo!   

Be sure to schedule an appointment with OB JEN — we look forward to seeing you soon at Capital Ob/Gyn Associates of Texas!  Visit our website at or call us at 512-83-OBJEN.

New Look of OB JEN!

Introducing the NEW and IMPROVED look and feel of OB JEN!  You will probably recognize the same circle logo, but now with a new twist for the opening of my new practice!

Capital Ob/Gyn Associates of Texas is scheduled to open in just a few weeks on October 18, 2010.  My new office will be located just across the street from my current location (Mopac & Parmer Lane), and all hospital care, deliveries and surgeries will continue at The Women’s Center of Texas and the North Austin Surgery Center.


Capital Ob/Gyn Associates of Texas, PA
Dr. Jennifer Mushtaler
12201 Renfert Way, Suite 325, Austin, Texas 78758
Tel: 512.836.2536   (512.83.OBJEN)

My staff and I look forward to welcoming you to Capital Ob/Gyn Associates of Texas beginning October 18, 2010!  Be sure to visit our new website and schedule an appointment today!

Pink Glove Dance: The Sequel

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness, I wanted to share this video with you:


The 2010 sequel to the Pink Glove Dance features more than 4,000 healthcare workers and breast cancer survivors from all over the United States and Canada. Thank you to the participants who showed incredible spirit in support of the cause.

Help Us Make It a Pink Glove Nation
Our mission is to share this video with as many people as possible to raise awareness for the early detection of breast cancer so we can save more lives. Please share the Pink Glove Dance sequel with your coworkers, friends, family and neighbors.

OB JEN Delivers Happy Healthy Triplets








Three healthy and adorable baby girls were delivered last week by OB JEN!  With the odds of spontaneous triplets (no fertility drugs) being 1 in 6-8000, this is definitely a very rare event!  Dr. Jen Mushtaler was the treating obstetrician and surgeon for the big baby surprise and cared for the mother, Pamela Gooding, throughout her high-risk pregnancy.

Read the Full Story Here:








Dr. Jennifer Mushtaler (a.k.a. OB JEN) is a board certified obstetrician and gynecologist who has provided compassionate medical care to all generations of women for the past twelve years.  She is pleased to announce the opening of her new practice, Capital Ob/Gyn Associates of Texas, on October 18, 2010.  In addition to her work as an obstetrician and gynecologist, Dr. Mushtaler enjoys a special interest in working with active females to help them accomplish their health and fitness goals.

Contact OB JEN at 512.83.OB.JEN to set up an appointment at the new office!

Introducing Capital Ob/Gyn Associates of Texas

It is with great pleasure that my staff and I announce the opening of my practice, Capital Ob/Gyn Associates of Texas, scheduled October 18, 2010.  My new office will be located just across the street from my current location (Mopac & Parmer Lane), and all hospital care, deliveries and surgeries will continue at The Women’s Center of Texas and the North Austin Surgery Center.

Capital Ob/Gyn Associates of Texas, PA

Dr. Jennifer Mushtaler

12201 Renfert Way, Suite 325, Austin, Texas 78758

Tel: 512.836.2536   (512.83.OBJEN)

My staff and I look forward to welcoming you to Capital Ob/Gyn Associates of Texas beginning October 18, 2010!

Be on the lookout for a new and improved LOOK for “OB JEN” coming soon!

OB JEN Austin Triathlon Seminar

Come out to the Austin Triathlon Expo to see O.B. Jen’s latest Women’s Health Seminar!

Heatlh Tips for the Female Athlete – 12pm Sunday

Expo Schedule: Sunday, September 5th, 2010

9 AM XT Yoga Pre-Race Stretching, Hyatt Regency Hotel
10 AM – 6 PM The Austin Triathlon Expo, Hyatt Regency Hotel
10 AM – 5 PM Packet Pickup & Late Registration at The Austin Triathlon Expo
10 AM – 6 PM Mandatory Bike Check In
10 AM XT Yoga Pre-Race Stretching, The Hyatt Regency Hotel
11 AM Course & USAT Rules Review
11:30 AM Flat Tire and Transition Clinic
12 PM Health Tips for the Female Athlete with Dr. Jen Mushtaler (O.B. Jen)
1 PM Swimming Propulsion with Olympic Gold Medalist Sheila Taormina
2 PM Pro Athlete Panel Discussion
3:30 PM Course & USAT Rules Review
4 PM Flat Tire and Transition Clinic

The Austin Triathlon will be held downtown on Labor Day — this Monday, September 6!  Imagine a world class triathlon held in the front yard of one of the most active and outgoing cities in the US. Imagine a large event with the atmosphere and intimacy of a small hometown race. Imagine biking down the most historic street in Texas. Imagine the fun. That is The AVIA Austin Triathlon!

Hosted by Jack & Adam’s Bicycles and High Five Events:

Dreading Your Cycle on Race Day?

Check out the latest article from Dr. Jen Mushtaler, recently featured in the Red Licorice Events E-Newsletter!

What is the one thing your dread most going into a race? For most women, it is the thought of starting their cycle right before race day! This “bad timing” can bring about anxiety and uncertainty, not to mention the usual symptoms of PMS such as heavy flow, cramping and irritability. Does it seem like your cycle always inevitably arrives right before race day? Is there anything that you can do about this?

Great news! It is actually medically safe to skip those cycles altogether and there are several ways to achieve this. Many of my patients enjoy a period-free lifestyle by staying on a continuous birth control pill. Not only is it safe to skip your periods when you are taking a balanced hormone regimen, but there is less chance of an unplanned pregnancy if you are sexually active. There are many different pill formulations and doses to achieve this, so if one doesn’t quite work for you, we can try several different options.

Another choice is to use the birth control ring continuously. The FDA has not yet approved the ring in this manner. However, for years women with endometriosis took birth control continuously before FDA regimens were approved.

Some of my patients find that a progesterone coated IUD is perfect for freedom from periods and the hassles of a daily pill. Many patients have been mistakenly told that the IUD is an abortifacient, but this is not true. The IUD is actually a continuous spermicide, and it is over 99% effective in preventing unplanned pregnancy for up to five years. If you are uncomfortable with an IUD in the uterus, then you may be interested in Implanon. This is a single rod that is hidden underneath the skin. The rod is only millimeters thick so it does not interfere with working out and it is not noticeable. It lasts for up to three years, but these options are immediately reversed after removal.

Other patients are back on the athletic circuit after completing their families. They don’t want to be bothered with periods or the hassles of a pill or ring. For these patients, an endometrial ablation is a great choice. An endometrial ablation is a minimally invasive procedure done in the office that permanently alters the lining of the uterus so that it does not build up. No build up, means no shedding and no period. There is no cutting involved and you still have all your own natural hormones.

All in all, you have many safe options to choose from, so we are sure to find just the treatment for you to keep you free for race day.

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Jen Mushtaler to learn more!
(512) 83.OB.JEN

OB JEN at Sweet & Twisted Expo Extravaganza!

Get ready for a full weekend of SWEET & TWISTED FUN!

O.B. JEN is a sponsor for this weekend’s Sweet & Twisted Women’s Triathlon hosted by Red Licorice Events.

The weekend will begin with the Packet Pickup and EXPO EXTRAVAGANZA!
Saturday August 21 @ REI Round Rock, 12-6pm


12:00 – O.B. JEN – managing your cycle during training
1:00 – Next 15 Hours – what you need to do now until race morning
1:45 – Susan Says – Coach Susan Farago answers all your tri questions
2:45 – Get Pumped! Inspiration from event beneficiary Team Survivor
3:30 – Course Review
4:15 – Transition & Tire Changing – BYOB – bring your own bike
5:15 – Next 15 Hours – what you need to know now until race morning

Clinics, info sessions, Q&A’s and demonstrations – something for everyone – and great shopping!   Nutrition & apparel vendors will provide product samplings & giveaways.

Austin area training groups will be on-hand with info on year-round fitness programs.  Mark your calendar and pick up your packet!


The Sweet & Twisted Tri is perfect for beginners, seasoned athletes and all the ‘tri-curious’ – this USAT sanctioned event is the highlight of the season for female athletes in Central Texas.  Come celebrate & race with Red Licorice!

Chocolate Covered Potato Chips Sound Good?

O.B. Jen was recently featured in the Red Licorice Events Newsletter and Blog!  Read below to see Dr. Mushtaler’s tips for surviving your cravings during PMS…turns out what you crave is the worst thing for you!

Chocolate covered potato chips extra salty and a grande double valium espresso mocha sounding good? You may be suffering from PMS. Symptoms of PMS affect women physically and emotionally, including bloating, headaches, cramping, back aches, irritability, sore breasts, depression and food cravings. PMS food cravings are thought to be a compensatory response to low levels of serotonin, but ingesting large quantities of simple carbs and sugar actually has a poor effect on these symptoms.

Although medications are available, simple dietary changes may significantly reduce and even alleviate the symptoms associated with PMS. Decrease consumption of simple carbs and opt for high fiber foods like beans, brans and whole grains.

Reduce caffeine intake. Caffeine can aggravate symptoms of anxiety, depression and irritability. Don’t forget about energy drinks and bars that contain caffeine, too.

Increase the amounts of green leafy vegetables in your diet. A research study published in the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology demonstrated that a low-fat, vegetarian diet provides significant relief.

Increase foods with calcium and vitamin D such as skim milk, yogurt, broccoli, okra, red kidney beans, apricots and figs.

Several nutrition authorities advise daily omega-3’s found in fish and flax to help with inflammation and cramping.

Remember to nourish your body with 4-6 small meals throughout the day and keep your regular exercise routine to release those natural endorphins. The more consistent you are with your nutrition, the better your results will be. If symptoms persist or become severe, schedule a consultation to discuss further treatment options.

This information was brought to you by Dr. Jen Mushtaler (a.k.a. O.B. Jen) from Austin Area OBGYN. Dr. Mushtaler is a Red Licorice sponsor for the Cougar Country Classic 5k and the Sweet & Twisted Women’s Triathlon.

Schedule an appointment with OB JEN Today!
(512) 83.OB.JEN