Doula Open House Success

Dr Jennifer Mushtaler and Dr Catherine Browne and their staff would like to thank last week’s attendees for a successful doula open house. Almost twenty doulas from around the Austin area came for a meet and greet, question and answer session and networking opportunity.

Doulas from the ATX Doulas, Birth Focus, Central Texas Doula Association, Austin Born and Giving Austin Labor Support came for the event. Also in attendance were doulas Morgan Miles, Jamie Gwynn, Leia Downs, Brooke Stage, Julie Garcia, Chan McDermott and Alexa Plunkett.

doula supportCapital Ob/Gyn Associates offers women personalized and intimate care during their pregnancy and birth. We care for women with low and high risk pregnancies. We are pleased to support women seeking VBAC and vaginal delivery for twin pregnancies. We are also supportive of a natural birth plan in a hospital setting. Capital Ob/Gyn welcomes doulas in support of their patients.

What is a doula? Doulas are labor companion. These women have a love and respect of the beauty of birth and are available for continuous support during the process to both patient and her companion(s). Studies have shown that women who labor with a doula have lower rates of medical intervention and greater success in achieving a natural and empowered birth experience.

Further, women have greater success with breast-feeding and a decreased incidence of postpartum depression when supported by a doula. Doulas can be very valuable and supportive to partners and spouses who may be new or uneasy about the birth experience.

doula-aidCan a doula deliver my baby? Doulas are not medically trained professionals and are not certified as midwives or physicians so they cannot deliver your baby or perform medical care. Doulas cannot offer medical advice, but they can help you to ask questions of your providers to feel comfortable and confident. Doulas can help you prepare for the birth experience and help you articulate your preferences for birth. Doulas can help be your voice when you are scared or unable to voice your own concerns. Many doulas are certified by their various organizations: DONA International, International Childbirth Education Association, Association of Labor Assistants and Childbirth Educators, Childbirth International, Childbirth and Post-partum Professional Association.

Are you interested in a natural birth or the support of a doula for your labor? Come and meet Capital Ob/Gyn Associates of Texas to explore your potential. We can also provide referrals to trusted doulas in our community.

Our office is located at 12201 Renfert Way, Suite 325, Austin TX 78758.  Please call our office at 512-836-2536 with any questions or for more detailed directions.